About FAITH Food Pantry of Newtown, Inc.


‚ÄčThere are teams of adult volunteers who staff the pantry each Tuesday morning and Thursday evening.   Volunteers assist clients in selecting food and putting donations on the shelves.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept students as volunteers due to privacy concerns.  If a student would like to organize a food drive, we are happy to accept the donation and  apply that time to volunteer hours.

If you are an adult interested in volunteering please contact Lee Paulsen at 203.426.5604 or call the pantry number 203.837.0816

Our Leadership

 President:  Lee Paulsen:  203.426.5604

Vice President:  Jill LeBlanc

Treasurer:  Barbara Krell:  203.426.8946

Secretary:  Joan Brand

VP of Finance:  Bill Colbert

Who We Are

FAITH Food Pantry of Newtown, Inc. was established in 1984 to help our neighbors in need.

Our mission is to help provide one week of groceries to Newtown residents in need, once a month.

We are completely volunteer and nonprofit.  We are a 501(3) exempt organization.